Domestic Grid Connect Solar

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Smart Options work with you to ensure that the installation of a home solar PV system is the most suitable for your location and usage. From the selection of the right components of the system, to the right price for you.

Our solar advisor’s will discuss with you the placement of the inverter and the panels to suit your roof space to get the best solar gain for your investment.

A solar system is made up of two major components -solar panels and the inverter. Premium component selection is important. We also use installers that take pride in their work to ensure a quality installation.

The inverter can be either a central inverter which is a larger unit that all the panels are connected in to. The micro inverters are installed on the back of each individual panel. Micro inverters optimise the output of each panel which will result in a higher performance from your system. A micro inverter system is slightly more expensive than a central system.

We use premium quality inverters in our range such as SMA, Fronius and Enphase. It is important to invest in a premium inverter. SMA, Fronius and Enphase all have offices here in Australia which is important for support in the event that it is required.

Before we can install and commission your grid connect solar system we will need to secure our local electricity distributor Powercor’s permission. This is a simple process, we apply on your behalf on line and the decision comes through very quickly.

Trading Terms:

Once approval has been gained we will require a deposit of 25% of full value of system is payable at time of order, with the balance of monies payable on day of installation. STC POS discount to be assigned upon receipt of GET agreements.  Any outstanding balances  will incur interest of 7 % and all debt recovery costs.. The system is then ordered and we will contact you to organise a suitable time for installation. We will need someone to be at home on the day of installation to give the installers access and we will again confirm the placement of all components.

Invoice payment in full by day of installation

An invoice will be sent through to your email address with our banking details. We will require payment to be made prior to the installation. EFT payments should be made prior to installation day. We do accept credit card payment over the phone or you can also visit our office.

STC POS discount.

We create and register STCs through our trading partner. These are seen on your invoice as a POS discount. These are lodged on-line and an email will be sent to you after the installation and inspection have been completed. If you do not have access to email please advise so that we can create a paper copy for you to sign. Please ensure that you attend to this immediately on receipt as failure to do so will negate the POS discount and you will be responsible for the payment for the amount of the rebates given.

Solar meter upgrade

Once the system has been installed and the inspection completed, the paperwork is sent to your retailer. A solar meter upgrade may be required. The cost of this meter (if upgrade is required) varies and is charged to you directly from the energy company on your first bill once the changeover has taken place.

Warranty and after sales service

Smart Options use quality products and it is therefore unusual to have any issues with the system. However, we advise that you lodge your warranty forms upon installation and keep all paperwork that has been supplied in a safe place.

We are available if you require any assistance with your new solar system and hope that you enjoy many years of savings.