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Sunmill Pump

The Solar Mill pump addresses the fact people in remote areas not only need a dependable pump, but one that is easily maintained on site, where technical support is not always close at hand. The Solar Mill has been designed deliberately as a low-tech product, which means it is easy to operate and requires very little attention. Occasionally the seals need to be checked, and someone needs to give the stuffing box a few squirts of grease. The great thing is that most system components are at ground level where they are easy to get at. Best of all, replacement parts are inexpensive, so once you’ve purchased your system, there is little to worry about later. There is no need to become an electronics expert either – the system’s electrical components are simple “plug in” units, easily removed for checking, and requiring little in the way of electrical know how. Accessories include pressure and float switches to turn pumps on and off so you can automate your water delivery system


  • Long life expectancy and proven in service record
  • Designed for use in remote and harsh conditions
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Cost effective spare parts philosophy
  • Long life, tolerant of brackish water
  • Optimises solar energy by tracking sunlight in all light conditions
  • No electrical expertise is required
  • Easy to operate and trouble shoot
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Replacement parts are inexpensive
  • Maintenance costs are low


  • Non corroding pump components
  • Light sensitive sun tracker.
  • Plug in electronic components
  • Power maximisers.
  • Key operating parts located 1m above ground
  • Automated operation
  • Off the shelf nitrile seals
  •  Demountable solar array
  • No risk of damage from water
  • Easy to access for inspection and maintenance. Safe to work on
  • 20 year Warranty on solar panels • 2 Year System Warranty