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Smart Options - Solar Pumps

Sun Mill Solar Pump

Smart Options In solar Pumping

Smart Options have a range of solar pumps available. 

Coupling the simplicity of a windmill style piston pump, with the reliability of solar power, has enabled Solco to produce a solar pump that can be easily maintained on-site without any special tools or technical knowledge by the owner, a great advantage in remote areas.

The Sun Mill combines the principles of a windmill with the latest in solar technology. There is a wide range of models, pumping heads from 0 to 60 metres and delivering up to 40,000 litres of water per day.

84% of customers are getting more water than originally required.


Routine quarterly maintenance is carried out at ground level without the need to pull the pump up from the bore. Electrical components are "plug in", meaning no electrical expertise is required to install or replace the electronics and the pump is made of non-corroding materials

The Sun Mill is a "set and forget" system. Pressure and float switches can be installed to turn pumps on and off automatically, delivering the water you need when you need it, with no input on your part. Low water level protection equipment can also be installed if the water supply is unreliable.


More Water -The Sun Mill incorporates a unique two-way valve that enables the pump to deliver water on both upward and downward strokes. The solar panels which provide power to the pump are mounted on a Sun Tracer array which tracks the path of the sun. When coupled with the Solco Power Maximiser, this combination of technology delivers up to 60% more water output than a fixed array.

Better Warranty -The solar panels are warranted for between 20 and 25 years (depending on model chosen) and the system carries a 2 year warranty





  • Non-corroding pump components
  • Light-sensitive Sun Tracer
  • Plug-in electronic components
  • Power maximiser
  • Low-tech product
  • Automated operation
  • Key operating parts at ground level
  • Long-life and tolerant of brackish water
  • Optimises solar energy by tracking  sunlight
  • No electrical expertise is required
  • Increases water output
  • Easy to operate and trouble-shoot
  • Reduced supervision
  • Easy to maintain and service










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